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Link on a collection page gets separated by carriage returns


In a collection page, when I create a link, it creates a carriage return before and after the link.


Here is my site Read-Only:

See Blog Collection Page “Zoning and Uses”


Hi, @Ken!

Thanks for reaching out about your link returning to a separate line. I was able to create a clone of your project, and noticed the same issue as well.

This definitely looks odd, and we may have found a solution:

If you add a “Text Link” element to your project, and update the style settings to “inline-block” - it should revert the style of all a tags to inline block.

The following short screen capture provides a better explanation of how to complete the fix:

Hopefully this is helpful, but please let us know if the issue continues after completing the update.


Hi Micah,

Thanks for the tips and video. All set!


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