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Link strato domain


I have a domain of strato. However, I have no idea how to link this to Webflow. I have an A parameter in Strato where I can deposit an IP address and a AAAA parameter where I can deposit an Ipv6 address. I can seemingly leave a link there. Does anyone know?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @futuro_GBR, Did you manage to come up with a solution?

@futuro_GBR I am also trying to connect Strato with Webflow and only managed a http connection so far. Any Ideas?
Best, Christoph

Are there any updates to this? Struggling with the same issue. Strato is so frustrating…

Strato: It seems to work with just one A-record.
Then you need to add ‘www’ as a subdomain.
Finally, add the CNAME record via the option “TXT Records inklusive SPF und DKIM Einstellungen”.