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Linking collection item to Slug

I have a collection list filled with collection items. I want to link those collection items to the corresponding page however I don’t want to use the native Collection Pages because I don’t want them to be templated*. So I wrapped my items in a link container hoping to use that to link to the slug but the slug option doesn’t show up as an option. If I try linking to to a page I’ve built I would have to link every collection item to the same page. Any ideas?

*As I was typing this I realized maybe Collections Pages aren’t necessarily templated.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 2.52.40 PM

Here is my public share link: This is more free thought, not sure I need to include a link.

The way to do this would be to create a link field in your CMS, then the link would show up in the ‘get URL from…’ dropdown. Could you explain what exactly you’re trying to achieve with this? Why use a collection when you’re not using the pages?

That worked like a charm. Thanks.

I’m building my portfolio site and want to link cards to case studies. I initially used the CMS to build the cards mostly out of curiosity. At this point I have some scroll interactions and a little javascript to make the cards behave how I want. I don’t want to rebuild those cards, but I want them to go to fairly unique case studies so the collection templates were too limiting. I think the better way in hindsight would have been to use Symbols to build the cards.

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