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Links not working after interaction


The links on my blog work fine until I click on the ‘Contact’ link which runs an interaction to open up a div. After closing this div, links don’t work anymore until I refresh the page. It seems similar to [Resolved] Links not working after Interaction but the solution/answer is not really explained.

Open in Webflow:


Hi @jbodington

The links do not work because the Contact Wrapper is covering them after you close the contact form. The interaction must be tweaked to hide the Contact Wrapper. Here, I made a video showing you how to fix it:

​Hope this is helpful.


Ahhhh yes of course! It seems so obvious now that you’ve brought it to my attention… Such a minor mistake. Thank you so much, your response was incredibly helpful :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


You are most welcome James!

Good luck with your project and all the best,

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