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Links on published site point to and not my domain


Hi all
Just noticed some links on my published site ( point back to the site ( Do I have to manually update all the links in the site? I was hoping I've missed something here.

Share link

The links point to CMS pages and articles

Any help would be welcome,



Hi @PeterC,

Please provide your published URL for your custom domain and public share link of your project so we can look into it.


Thanks Samuel

Share link was in above - it's

My domain is

The webflow published domain is

Look forward to hearing from you



Hi @PeterC,

I see that most links in doesn't point to your published domain.

I suggest trying the following:

  • Click the unpublish link for each of the domains
  • Check and Republish only the custom domain


Thanks Samuel - tried it but no luck.

I'll just manually change the links for now. Can you tell me if I change a link to a CMS generated page whether it should work on the new domain?




Yes, you should be using the second option (existing page), not the first (manual link) option.

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