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Links to Webflow hosted gifs stopped working

So on my website I have a lot of images as tiles in a grid. On hover of an image a specific gif shows up which is linked to it. Somehow for some reason the links to these gifs stopped working and therefore this interaction broke.

I want to prevent this from happening again, so can anyone help me figure out what caused it?

Extra information:

  • All the images and the gifs are uploaded to the Webflow project.
  • The gifs aren’t used anywhere directly on the website. (Can this be the culprit?)
  • For some reason the gif can still be found in the assets, but just a different link. (Take a look at the screenshots below.)
  • I relinked all of the gifs, so it is working again.

My boss was showing this specific interaction to some potential new clients and it didn’t work anymore. Quite a bummer. Who knows when this first occured …

See how the interaction works here with the read only link:

This is what shows up when going to the link of the gif that doesn’t work anymore.

This is the ‘new’ link to the gif