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Links within a section that is shown by an interaction not working?


Hello All,

I'm hoping someone can help me with a little problem on my site. So I have grid of logos and an A-Z index to link to logos alphabetically. This works great on desktop and tablet. I then duplicated the A-Z div for mobile and hid the original so that I could trigger the copy to be shown/hid by a button. This allows it so that the letters can be larger without taking up vertical space. Problem is that on phone landscape and portrait versions, the A-Z links aren't working once the button makes them visible. When you hover, they don't always show a link either. It's really strange. Can anyone help?


I think this is the right public link? (new system)


Experience the same issue here:

Do you have a solution?


I fixed it. Lesson to learn. Don't use WF navbar widget if you are going to build custom interaction with links. Build everything from scratch yourself.