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Looks promising, I’ll try it tonight!

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any news if this is going to increase? I need to publish several nested elements inside a category and I’m not able. 5 is a hard limit for me on the project I’m working on!

Just as a helpful pointer, this item about larger breakpoints (found in the Designer list) was resolved in April this year (2020). :smiley: :partying_face:

5 refences is just so low. This should definitely be increased to 10. I think this request has been here for a few years now.

Just a heads up, I still don’t know how many dynamic pages I can have in one project. Here it says ‘up to 10 000 depending on the plan’ - so what is it?

Check the pricing page the link you provided links to :slight_smile:

“Collection items” is the thing you need to check the numbers of.

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Ah thanks, I didn’t know they were the same thing. I get it now… .)

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Add this:

  • Adobe Fonts Integration only in projects with active hosting possible.

→ So you cannot duplicate the current live project and have a typography redesign in the copied project.

  • Pagination of collections are not possible without URL/site refreshing. (just with custom code)