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List of Webflow Freelancers (2018)


Continuing last-year’s list from List of Webflow Freelancers (2017).

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List of Webflow Freelancers (2017)
Moving to london - New portfolio to help find work

SVZ Design

Name: Scott

Country: Based in San Francisco, CA

Languages: English, Russian

Specialties: Modern Aesthetic, Web Apps, Complex Ecommerce Sites, Complex CMS, Webflow, Wordpress, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Branding, Data Science & SEO, Communication


Here are some sites recently built in Webflow: (frontend design)

I would love to help out with your project!

Please contact me by email:



Name: Teresa

Specialties: Webflow designer, ecommerce web design, Shopify design, logos, SEO

Freelance: Affordable freelance for fellow web designers. I can help with your workload and allow you to be even more profitable.


I have 10 years web development experience. I’m reliable and easy to work with. :slight_smile: It would be great to hear from you.


Name: Jörn Klawan
My company website: (sorry only in Swedish for now)
Personal website:
Webflow profile:
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Specialty: Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development and of course Webflow
Education: Interaction Design
Languages: Swedish and English

About me:
As a lot of people here I love web design and Webflow. I’ve used Webflow daily since 2013.

Latest project:
Be sure to check the game Soovas Dream out /soovasdream

Available for: Client work or freelance.

Would love to find a team who use Webflow to work with.




Name: Steve Holmes

Nationality: British

Location: Germany (Munich/Pfaffenhofen),
previously San Francisco, CA

Languages: English, German, French

Services: MOTION, WEB, UX/UI

Specialities: Design, Typography, Layout, Interaction & Usability, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

Awards: Webby Awards x 3, Davey Awards (Gold), W3 Awards (Silver)

Website Project Examples:
Hiball Energy Drink
Mascot Sports
Blumen Roelofs
Arrowood Photography
Waterlily Pond Floral Design
Advantis Global IT Recruiting
Milroy Construction, California
Born of Sound

Current Project: Next Level Bikeshop

Available for: Client work or freelance

I have over 30 years of experience in the design areas of typography, layout, motion and web design. Having founded in London in 1994, then worked for a decade in San Francisco, and now settled near Munich, my clients and projects are worldwide and varied — just the way I like it!

I would love to hear from you — let’s create something unique and amazing together.


Name: Micah Ryan Johnson
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Webflow Profile:
Specialty: Webflow, Web Design, UI/UX
Previous Finished Project (at time of writing):
Project in Progress:


I help startups and established companies design their products and grow their businesses. The websites I create are effective, and one example includes the client receiving over $100K in less than 6 months with the course-website we created. I’ve had the pleasure of working with well-established brands in St. Louis, Missouri, including Enterprise, Maritz, and Hunter Engineering.

I would love to hear from you.

Best, Micah


Name: Sónia Alves

Webflow public profile:


Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Languages: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Specialty: Webflow, Web Design, UI/UX, Strategy

Working with Webflow: Since January 2014

Contact me: Via Webflow DM or Email:

About me:
I’m a freelance web designer based in Lisbon, Portugal, working with clients around the globe.
More that just developing websites, I understand the planning, purpose and goals of a solid online presence. My advertising background helps me take your brand to the the highest levels.

If you have a great project in mind, let me know!
I’ll be looking forward to hear from you!



Name: Thales M. Fukushima

Webflow public profile:


Location: Tokyo, Japan

Languages: English / Portuguese / Japanese

Specialty: Webflow, Web Design, UI/UX, Strategy, Graphic Design

Working with Webflow: Jul 13, 2015

Contact me: Via Webflow DM or Email:



Name: Daniel Dixon

Webflow Public Portfolio:

Website Example:

Location: London UK

Languages: English, French

Specialty: Web Design, UI/UX, Design, Graphic Design,

Working with Webflow:

Contact me: Through /webflow

About US:

I am a professionally SEO, freelance business SEO,Web
developer,runs SEO,Content writer blog posting for Techtiq Solutions Uk.
I have a 2 years experience writing for others, around 1 year experience in blogging,PR,Social Media for UK Region.

Techtiq Solutions,


DFink Design

Name: Dave

About Me: I have a passion for great design. I believe great design should be at the forefront of every company, large or small. I specialize in building recognizable brands and helping extraordinary companies stand out.

Location: Rochester, NY

Language: English

Specialties: Branding, Webflow designer, Brand Strategy and development, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Photography, Advanced photo editing and manipulation. While I specialize in many styles, I really dig retro design if that’s what you’re into.


Quick Site example:

I’m excited to work with some fresh companies!
Feel free to message me on the forums or through the contact form at the bottom of my site. Thanks and keep being awesome!



Name: Virginia

Country: Based in San Diego, CA (but we can always get up early or stay up late to work with you wherever you are)

Specialties: Custom branded Webflow websites, brand strategy, e-commerce, identity, packaging, custom marketing campaigns, content creation, UX/UI design, photography

“The Cowlick Appeal yanked our brand discovery and website projects away from boring, template-speak. They skillfully guided us into more fun, meaningful ways of expressing who and why we are a business. We are thrilled with the results. They exceeded all our expectations with their responsiveness, research, focus, and drive. They are truly unique talents that equipped us to reach our audience in refreshing ways."

  • Tricia Cariffe, Owner of Sherpa Energy Squares

Website: The Cowlick Appeal

Contact: | We would love to work with you and help your brand stand out!


Name: Cameron

Country: Based in Berlin, Germany

Languages: English

Specialties: Webflow Design, Landing Pages, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Firebase Integrations


Here are some sites recently built in Webflow:

Please contact me by email:


Name: Jessica
Country: London, UK
Languages: English
Specialities: It’s a free, open source framework allows you to build complex web applications with ease. You can start development with just a text editor & PHP installation.


Please contact me by email: