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List of Webflow meetups


Let’s start a list of meetups where Webflow is well represented:

United States

New Zealand



United Kingdom



If you know of one that we should add to this list, please reply on this thread. If you want help starting your own, DM me.




I just started a Meetup in Stockholm Sweden.
Edit: 11 people joined so far :grinning:


Need one in Austin, Tx


Need help starting one? DM me :slight_smile:


Would love one in LDN please! :uk:


added Pittsburgh to the list.

There are people trying to start one in Texas


Would love to have one in North Carolina! I’m in Greensboro (mid-state), and I think @sabanna is in the Raleigh area. I have yet to run into anyone locally who uses WF or even knows about it, but I am trying to spread the love any chance that I get…including proudly showing off WF swag on my person and my laptop! This reminds me that it would be fab if we could search the WF designers list by region, city, etc.


I’m holding my first Meetup tonight :sweat_smile: 20 people said there are coming(max attendees). My group is also full with 4 people waiting to join. The basic subscription is limited to 50 people, so I need to upgrade.


How much is it to upgrade?


I might be heading there in November.


The Basic subscription is 4.99/ month and unlimited is 7.99/ month. 47.94 for six months on a upgrade discount.

11 people showed up and some asking when the next meetup is :blush:


Great news for everyone! :smiley: If you want to start your own Webflow meetup, we’ll help you start it and sponsor it.

DM me if your interested.


More meetups added! Check the original post above! :smiley:


Added London and Berlin. :grin:


Added Syracuse, NY :smiley:


Just a reminder, if you want to start your own Webflow meetup, DM me and I’ll help you get started.

Benefits to being a Meetup organizer include:

  • Early access to upcoming features (so you can teach your community)
  • Free Pro account plan (for as long as you organize your community meetup group)
  • Access to a private Slack channel for meetup organizers