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Live Shipping Rates

I have a client that needs the ability to show the live shipping rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, as well as LTL shipping. Their customers needs to be able to pick the rate that suits them best. Does anyone have any ideas for this?

The site is getting close to complete other than the shipping rates that I can’t figure out.

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For Live Shipping rate you are going to have to connect with ShipStation or something similar and then connect through Zapier.

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Yup. Just trying to figure out how to get it to show up live and selectable in the checkout box. And finding a way to connect to Saia or YRC for LTL shipping at the same time.



In order for you to be able to get live shipment rates, you’ll need to do an HTTP request to a service that provides those rates.( Let’s say this website: After you get your response, it’s all a matter of DOM manipulation with the payload you got.

Now I’m not sure about what you meant with:

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Hi @ARTIFEX42, can you please let me know if you figure this out?
My business’ ecommerce is at a stand still because I need the customers to be able to see live shipping rates. This is a major flaw with Webflow’s ecommerce and because of this I can’t use Webflow for any ecommerce sites. Hope you are able to figure out!

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Definitely will. I have currently talked the client into just using the weight based shipping to get close to the amount, and to have a pallet shipping option on the very heavy items. But I’ll try to get back to figuring this out at some point since their competitor does have the live shipping rate quotes option on their site. I did contact Zapier about it and they said they can’t provide the instant info and they don’t have any apps for any of the freight shipping providers such as Saia. And, I couldn’t figure out how to get the info (that I can’t get) back into the shipping costs section anyway. I understand how to get info into the CMS collections, but have not figured out if it’s possible to get that info back into the shipping calculations for the purchaser to select which shipping option they prefer. I’m sure anything is possible, and I’ve seen some very clever ideas in the forums. Just not anything about this. Best of luck.

Hey thanks for the reply! I got a reply on another thread, it looks like Webflow said that it’s in the pipeline for 2020. Fingers crossed!

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I added into the Wishlist under “Live Shipping Rates at checkout”. Give it a bunch of votes. Hopefully something will be implemented soon. I’d be happy with any kind of workaround to get my clients new site going before I lose them.

Yes! On today’s email from Webflow, at the bottom under What’s coming up Next, Ecommerce Improvements;

  • Shippo integration: to make fulfilling orders easier, we’re partnering with Shippo to let you create labels, compare carrier rates, and more. (P.S. More shipping integrations are also in the works!)

Looking forward to it.

Awesome. About to try this out. Just in time. Thanks Webflow.

Is anyone able to get live rates from Shippo?

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I don’t think it’s an option yet. I really need this also…

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Yes this is very important to compete and have happy clients.