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Live update Collection list

Is there a way to make a collection list live update without refreshing the page?

I have a form that is connected to the webflow api through zapier. When the form is filled out and submited a new cms item is created and published.


After submitting the user is redirected to a collection list with links to all the current collection pages.


When the user lands on the page with the collection list. The brand new collection is not yet visible. For it to show up you have to refresh the page. The user lands on the page before the collection list has a chance to update.

My idea was maybe we could have the collection list update dynamically when it detects that a new collection item has been added.

Or maybe you can put a delay on the redirect after submitting the form.

Any tips?

Hi @felix_hellstrom

I found a workaround in the past for a similar project. The solution was to put a line of custom code that makes the page refresh automatically. You can set the delay between every refresh by changing the 90 (time is in seconds)

Here’s the code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="90" >

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: