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Load content via ajax with url update and no page refresh?

Hi guys, I’m a web designer/front end developer of 10+ years looking to move to webflow but I have a few fundamental things I need to get right first.

Is it possible to have one main page that you include all your core elements in, eg: Logo, menu, anything else that appears on every page and to just load other pages seamlessly via ajax? It also needs to trigger a url update but not refresh the entire page. This is the primary reason I haven’t already transitioned to webflow since I’m really targetting a smooth experience and i’m not sure how to do this in webflow yet.

For example is a simple site like possible? Eg: clicking the word faceoff and the page does a basic transition to the next without refreshing everything but also changes the url. Any guide/tutorial links would be appreciated.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

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Would this suit your needs?

oh and if you give it a try and want to use a javascript link you have to enter a backtick ` before your js code. Otherwise you’ll get a http:// appended in front of your code.