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Lock in Class so that you Cannot Delete it


The system allows you to remove unused classes... which I and many others had requested a while back.
Thank You Webflow for listening.

Here's another feature I would like to have.

I would like the ability to lock in a class...
that is not currently used - but I intend to use it.

Here's an Example of how I would use it:

  • I create a class in Webflow.
  • I remove the class from an element.
  • I export the website.
  • I programmatically (using php and jquery) place a predefined class (that I created in Webflow) onto an element.

Currently... the element and class must be static... ie: it must live in a predefined namespace...
- otherwise it is considered unused.

Unused classes are deleted if you select
Navigator -> Style Manager -> Clean Up.

Where to place this feature...
Navigator -> Style Manager -> Wrench option.

When you select the Wrench... you can
- rename the class, delete the class, or lock / unlock the class.

"Locked Classes" would be considered "in use"... and thus will not be deleted if you select the
Navigator -> Style Manager -> Clean Up option.

Here's a Real World Example... this is actually what I need - right now. Currently, I am maintaining the classes externally. It's a PITA to do it this way.

Event Calendar. Obviously - the data (Event Date / Time / Description / Status / etc) are dynamic pieces of information. Using PHP, I load data using SQL from a database... and insert specific classes into the code.

Also - as the user is making "selections"... I can dynamically change pieces of information "dates" using JQuery / Ajax and write them back to the database.

This allows to me dynamically create data (elements) and attach classes at will... to static elements.

@cyberdave , @thewonglv , @PixelGeek

Clean up interactions?

This should be easily implemented, from a technical point of view.