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Locomotive Scroll: Issues on mobile

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has used Locomotive scroll on a Webflow project before. Everything is working fine, until I open the site from a mobile device (Android/chrome).

This is my script, which, in theory should work, but nothing happens when I try it:

const scroll = new LocomotiveScroll({
el: document.querySelector(’[data-scroll-container]’),
smooth: true,
smartphone: { smooth: true },
tablet: { smooth: true },
lerp: 0.03, // Linear Interpolation, 0 > 1 // Try 0.01
multiplier: 1.2, // Effect Multiplier

Works but disables on-scroll animations made in Webflow:
I then added “smoothMobile: 1,” to the code above, and Locomotive Scroll now activates on mobile, but all Webflow interactions seem to be not working now.

Anyone encountered this? Any tips or ideas would be helpful.

EDIT: The interactions are actually working, but I need to press REALLY hard on the screen, and scroll rather violently in order for the device to register a scrolling trigger.