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Logo design feedback (STERN PR)


Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Happy New Year. I need some feedback.. We intend to re-do our logo. Which do you prefer and why? Thank you!



I think the second one is more unique. Nice type and use of font size.


Hi Sarah, in my opinion i like the first one.
I like the use of a very light shadow from the bottom on the red letters
and the way the invisible bar divides the N and P.-
I Would use the small MARKETING - WEB DESIGN - VIDEO all across the logo
like the second one. Good work.


Good idea @OrangePeel. Stretching the Marketing - Web design - Video under Logo#1 like the second one. Logo #1's very light red shadow is cool, too. Do not know what to do. That said, thanks much for taking time for feedback. smile


Thanks @Hamzster. I too seem to like Logo #2. Such a difficult decision. It is nice. I walked far away from my desktop to see what caught my eye. What I saw was a boring logo in #1 from a distance. I could not see the power line that is a nice touch up close.

From a distance, Logo #2 stood out.

Up close. From a distance. All these factors matter. I have a lot to think about. Again, thank you. smile


Definitely the first one. I like the cut through effect, simple but cool.


I like STERN on its own smile
*Great job btw!