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Looking for Feedback (Portfolio)


Hello Guys

I just finished my portfolio and would love some constructive feedback. Don’t focus on the Text Content (I’m still working on that).

Focus on:

  • Readability
  • Responsive
  • UI/UX

Link to Portfolio Preview

Link to Website


I like it! Very nice blue and flow … Great job.
I would take the desktop view up to 75 or 100%… take advantage of the space of full width responsiveness… don’t worry about the screen issue that much… it’s talked about but really doesn’t have much of an effect to a user because who goes to a site on their desktop and then clicks the browser to resize it down?? :smile: mi You start with one size and typically stick with that… I very rarely open a site on my tablet and phone at the same time. Just as long as I get a smooth flow if I go back to a site on a different device… it’s okay.

Just move to each screen view and scale things down from your desktop viewport. It’s even okay to remove some items that don’t fit on the tablet or mobile. You have a really nice layout and color scheme just widen the site so you can get more effective animation. Also, don’t transform that form at the end… That’s really an important element… I wouldn’t mess around there… you need users to commit at that point. I enjoyed the direction. Just some feedback. Take care.

I’ve added a few portfolios that could spark some more ideas for ya!


Thank you very much @garymichael1313 for taking the time to have a look at my site. I’ll make the changes to my portfolio with the help of your inputs.

I was on a holiday in Venice and couldn’t reply earlier :wink:
Your Reply was very appreciated!


No problem, have a great week!