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Looking for Webflow Freelancers willing to Teach Webflow


Hello everyone! If you are interested in or are already teaching individuals how to use Webflow and would like referrals... please Join the following Slack group via this link and send me a private message with your portfolio & pricing information:

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Liked. Joined. Messaged.


@Cricitem Thank you! Excited to chat with you!


Liked. Joined. Messaged...! :smile:


Nice!! :raised_hands: Thank you! Talk to you soon :ok_hand:t3:


Great! :sunglasses: I look forward to it! Regards Kai


Oh, awesome. Liked. Joined. Messaged.


Thanks for Joining! You rock! :facepunch:


joined in and sent message, can start helping out end of august


@jbleroux Thanks Jeremy! I really look forward to it, that timing will be great.


Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, i’ve just joined and messaged you.
Thank you,


Yay! :smiley: Thank you! I’ll be in touch with you in the next few days. @Naama