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Looking to link each CMS Collection to separate non-CMS pages


Sorry my lingo isnt the best but I cant seem to find a solution. Basically I have a CMS Collection of training courses, and I want each one to link to its own seperate booking form. Every time i update a link it changes the link on all of them, so they all only lead back to one same booking form.

Below is a screenshot and the link. Any help would be really appreciated!


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Hi @Andy14,

Is the booking form link coming from the CMS Collection, or are you updating the link on the CMS Collection page template?

If you have a URL field in your CMS Collection for the booking form link, you should be able to use that URL for the button link on each course page. If you’re updating the link on the page template, that link will stay the same for every course page.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve added a new custom field to the CMS collection, which looks like it is set up to allow different links, the only problem is i cant see it on my actual final page? I’m sure this is simple enough but i’m very new to this. Any help would be appreciated.

I have found a bit of a workaround in just literally typing some text into my CMS page content and linking it, but would rather a button to link out if possible.


You should be able to link the button to the link from your CMS Collection similar to the way you link text on the page. If you share a read-only link for your project, I can take a look and point you in the right direction.

That would be great thank you!

As you can see i have a “BOOK YOUR PLACE” link here at the bottom, which is kind of doing the job. But i would really like that green button on the left hand side to link to its own booking form page. And the next course to have that button link to its own separate booking form page, and so on. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks again.

It looks like something’s wrong with your link – I’m getting a 404 page. Can you share again?

Sorry, try this, thanks again much appreciated!

@Andy14 - If your form has the same fields for each collection item and you just need to know that the person filling out the form was on a specific collection item, you can add a hidden field using custom code inside the form element, where the value comes from the CMS Item. This approach saves burning a static page for each form since the form can be on the CMS template in a modal or just on the page. Examples of this exist in the forums.

If you need more fields per item, it is possible to do using custom code.

Thanks for the reply. To be honest i would prefer the forms to be each on their own pages, as it will have the course title at the top, which is ideal. I just really want to find out how to add links to each CMS collection item that go to different places. Right now i have just text linked, but would prefer to have a button.

@Andy14, if I’m understanding you correctly, you could add a field to your Collection that includes the booking form URL (pointing to the static booking form page), which would allow you to pull the individual URLs via the Collection.

I think there’s a more streamlined way to achieve your overarching goal, as Jeff suggested. You could include the booking form on the page for the course, which already has the course title that signifies the course the user is booking, or include the form in a modal that appears when the user clicks the Book Your Place button.

I hope that helps!

I’ve got it!

Thank you both very much for the help. The modal pop up was a bit too advanced for me. But i added a new field in my collection and edited the layout of the page for the button to go to a separate URL each time. Apologies @blakelam you were basically saying that from the start! But it just finally clicked, thanks again!

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