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Lottie image sequence is ignored in preloader

Hey Community,

after nearly 20 Years of web-design-abstinence these are my first steps back…so here comes my first question.

It seems that an image sequence, integrated in a json-file is ignored by the standard preloader.
Beside that I have the impression that the sequence is still flickering when playing the animation for the first time. This issues only appear when i’m on a mobile 4G or slower connection. I know 8MB is not optimal for web, but its not huge for modern days I guess… (it would be cool if bodymovin won’t recompress already smaller jpeg or png sequences by the way)
So is there a way to take the json-sequence into account while preloading? Or is there something else i’m doing wrong?

Right now I work around this issue by playing the animation for some seconds under the preloading animation… but this doesn’t make any sense if you have a fast connection- you wait for nearly 10 seconds no matter what. :confused:

Thanks and all the bests,

Here is my public share link:

anybody? I’ve also found out, that json image sequences load extremely slow in Safari. My image sequence is just 8MB. The Background movie is loaded quite fast even if its much bigger(30MB)