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Made in Ten Minutes (Cloneable)


Felt a little inspired by @Arthur's work, so I created my own. It's a simple, cloneable site designed with a creative agency in mind, and created in just over ten minutes total. Let me know what you think.

Continuing the discussion from FREEBIE: Super simple profile template:


LOVE IT!!!!!! the start of a revolution #madeinten



@jordanshotwell gimme 10 and I'll get back to you with another...


Added some fun load interactions to the Ten Agency site as well.


Do you mind sharing where you got the hero image for your design? I'm looking for good hero image resources.

Thank you.


I believe that one was from Gratisography, but there are a ton of resources for free photos that are great. Here's one compilation:


@Teresa the free images section here: is amazing...



Arthur, please make a cloneable version of or if it too much work please explain how you did the pages to show on the slides and the close button at the top right? interactions? etc

You the best!


@brilliantlights was a site made for a client and it is my policy not to make clonable versions of client sites, if you reply back to this reminding me I will make a version of the site on my sandbox. smile



oh yes, that will be great. I've bookmarked your sandbox smile


For 10 minutes work... That's pretty cool! smile