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Mailchimp integration error... again


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The form, in the bottom, is just showing sending... message.

I have looked through the forums, but I can't seem to find the error. Any help please?


I cant seem to get this to work, as many others. Do we have a solution for this?


hi @krubens

I see that your form action is:' method='post' id='mc-embedded-subscribe-form' name='mc-embedded-subscribe-form' class='validate' target='_blank' novalidate

It should be:


​Try these steps and let me know if you're successful. :smile:


That worked! But why does it say in the help section we need to put http: in front?

btw that help page about mailchimp isn't to good :smile:


Hi @krubens Thank you for bringing this up - I've updated the document with the correction, added a better screenshot for the form settings, and structured the steps to read much easier.

Please keep the feedback coming about our docs and I'll jump on it! :smile:


Maybe I don't see the changes, but wouldn't it be better to mark just the actually text that you have to copy?
Like this? :smile:


Good point! The screenshot only shows the url highlighted now. :smile:

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