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Mailchimp Integration - Prohibiting More Than One Submission


Hi all -

We are using the Mailchimp integration to post form submissions for a sweepstakes registration. It’s limited to one per person/email. Has anyone found a way to prohibit posts from being submitted if one has already been submitted?

Alternatively, if there is no solution, any ideas on:

  • Prompting an error message if same email has already been submitted

  • Storing form results in parallel within Webflow and using webflow for this control to prohibit the post from going through to Mailchimp if it’s already been submitted

Read-Only Link is:

Published link is:

Any creative ideas?



Would a potential solution be to do this?

  1. Prior to “post”, search for email address in CMS collection
    2a. If email does not exist, add it and then "post"
    2b. If email does exist, alert that only one registration allowed, and do NOT “post”



Shouldn’t MailChimp already handle duplicate emails?


Hi @samliew! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, Mailchimp should. In fact, they do to some extent. They actually don’t allow a duplicate, and therefore subsequent registrations won’t be accepted/loaded. But the user experience is flawed, because there is no message thrown when a duplicate is attempted. This is the issue we’re hoping to solve for.



I wonder if anyone has come up with a solution to this since last August… :slight_smile:

The issue: When a user attempts to submit a form integrated with MailChimp using the same email address which already exists in the mailing list, the attempt fails in Webflow, based on the error message returned by MailChimp.

Is there any way to solve this – even if just by letting the user know about the cause (i.e., multiple signup attempt)?

The MailChimp error (visible in the browser console) also provides a link offering to edit the user’s preferences in the MailChimp account. Is there any way to provide this link within the Webflow form?

Thank you!