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Mailchimp Intergration


We need to get these awesome looking forms integrated with Mailchimp asap!


Good news @smmj, this is coming very soon. Possibly next week!



Thanks Dan, you guys are doing a great job at Webflow!


Woot - awsome.

What sets you apart is your service and quick turnaround. Love Webflow


@danro First, webflow is fantastic! Second, just wanted to see if you're any closer on the mailchimp integration? I have a pending project I'd like to take live, but that integration is the bottleneck right now. I suppose I could always go the embed route but if the clean solution is days away I'd rather just wait. Any guidance?


@trevorgoss Should be ready to ship by end of day today (pacific time) boat


Live yet? cannot seem to find it...?


Hey gang! Sorry for the delay, I hit a small speed bump in regards to https compatibility, but we're good to go now! I'm writing a Tips & Tricks post to show how to hook it up! dash



Here's the setup guide:


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