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Mailchimp sync?



Am I doing this right?

I followed these instructions:

When one puts in their email in the signup form in the footer, it takes one to this link:

I guess I was hoping one would just receive a confirmation email for signing up for the email.





Form field names are case-sensitive.

In the case of Mailchimp, they require the email field's name to be exactly "EMAIL".


@samliew...always the man!


This has already been answered multiple times on this forum...


Fair enough @samliew ...but if it's multiple times, then it's probably a UX (user experience) issue, meaning that this answer is not readily available when someone searches for it...the person searching for the answer isn't broken...the availability of the answer isn't quite working.

For instance, this tutorial, which I referenced, makes no mention that Mailchimp is case sensitive and must be EMAIL.

I could be wrong, and I could be a total idiot...but it's just my humble opinion.




You're spot on @nathanphilsteele, I jsut spent 40 minutes pulling my hair out trying to fix this until i came across this post. Please update the guide!

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