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Make a form drop down open a new text field

Hi there,

I wanted to see if anyone knows a way to add a new field when a specific drop down item is selected? Specifically, I am trying to make it when someone selected the option “Other” from my dropdown that a text field would appear below to fill out.

I found some similar questions in the forum but not for a dropdown.

Thanks for the help!


You can do this with some simple jQuery. I would wrap the “Other” field in a div, or assign it a specific ID or class (#other). Replace #form_select with the ID of your dropdown menu.

$(function () {
  $("#form_select").change(function() {
    var val = $(this).val();
    if(val === "other") {
    else if {

Awesome, this is perfect thanks so much!!

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where do you put the code tho? inside the page, im not sure if Im not naming the things properly but it doesnt seem to execute the query…