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Make images same size


I am needing help making all of my images the same size... They all have different dimensions so if they don't fit, I want them to overflow but not visible. Basically cropping it. I know that I've seen this before but can't seem to find where I can do it :frowning:
The page I'm referencing is the Gallery2 page.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

  • Make a fixed-size div, like 100px * 100px
  • Set background image: cover, center, no-repeat


Will that be the same even with my lightbox links? @samliew


It won't change unless it's linked by the same class name, or if you apply the same effect to it.


I'm sorry, I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. Can you take a look at the page and tell me what I would need to do to make it do what you're saying? @samliew


Yes, it seems that you have applied the style correctly to Gallery Flex Div


I seems that if you take your style correctly then your images are same size.

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