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Making the main menu to follow along with the scroll


Hi! This may been up before but i can't find it easy. I got two questions:

  1. I want the main menu to follow as you scroll down on the page. Whats the easiest way to do this?

  2. I am trying to make the menu a bit transparent. When i am doing this it makes everything within the menu transparent. I can't seem to find the background itself. I was adding a menu item directly from the webflow items list.



@webbor, can you post a read-only link of your site.


@seank, here it is. All though i just started to build the page up. But you might have a clue smile



Make the top nav bar div a fixed position. Then make the width 100%, your nav will then scroll with you as you slide down the page. You can also change the nav bars opacity as you wish.


Thanks a lot @seank! Everything is solved now!

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