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Making webflow work offline


So i have been working with the core libs and api’s that run the webflow editor to make it run in the browser but offline. However i have had issues accessing the que-site-migration.json stored on my local machine from the browser due to the CORs policy that disables access to the local file system from the browser. Is there a way to get around of this other than running a local server. I would try to see if i can use html to link the file but taking apart and redoing the webflow-design-min.8a983fdae9.js file woild take to long and i dont wanna screw something up. Any help is appreciated.


@anatole Maybe this can help you.


interesting . . . but essentially the same thing as starting chrome with --allow-file-access-from-files. As it is chrome will still throw out the error when trying to access the json file. Im wondering if the only way to go around this is to make a special wrapper for the site that would feed the json files without having to run a server.


I was using this when doing some testing with API. Could not call the server because of CORS error, This did solve the prob lem for me.


well I don’t know what the issue is then. lol I wish the calling of the file was laid out a lot simpler than the way they did it. would make things way simpler for me. literally this and the rum file r the only things I cant access from offline cause of that problem


welp . . . I got the main project holder (for lack of better terms) loaded. Just trying to get the iframe to display those contents correctly.


so after a lot of backtracking I have gotten the json files to load . . . so we now have a working editor that will load and work offline . . .

I will be looking into allowing to save to local storage later . . . just wanna create a small wrapper for the files first so i can get that standalone application vibe first.


as you can see above I created a basic wrapper using the chromium framework to contain webflow as a standalone application that can run on windows . the standalone does run very slowly though as I quickly hashed it together by modifying a project that I had worked on in the past . . . however this is just a proof of concept that the webflow editor can be turned into a functional offline windows application somewhat quickly