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Managing global classes

Hello everyone!
I have a problem with global classes and wanted to ask for help.
In the Designer I have created few global classes for basic styling eg. text-uppercase, text-red, font-bold.
Now let say that I have applied two or more global classes to the specific element, let it be:
text-uppercase text-red
Later I decided that the element shouldn’t use uppercase style, so I want to delete text-uppercase. Unfortunately I can’t, the option is not available in the dropdown:
Sadly I can only delete last class applied to the element.
I tried clicking 2 selectors and from dropdown select class text-uppercase, in that case I’m able to remove the mentioned class:
Unfortunately there’s a side effect, if I delete this class, then the Selector field is empty. There’s no text-red class visible:
but the class styles are still applied to the element:
Is there a workaround for this problem? How I can manage remaining global classes?

Otherwise I don’t see too much sense in using global classes, if I can’t add/remove them when necessary.

Thanks in advance!