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Map widget -- possible to apply an overlay?


I've attempted without success to apply a gradient overlay to the Map Widget -- is it possible (without forcing fixed positions?)

I know there is Snazzymaps & MapBuildr -- but since we do have the widget and it does work on-the-fly (unlike waiting to publish to see 3rd party code), it would be nice to tweak -- even something like overlaying a Form over the map.



You won't be able to add an overlay with only the widget and no fixed-positionned element on top of it. It's pretty easy to do it by overlaying a fixed positionned element though, why don't you want to use this possibility?


@vincent i'll give it a go with fixed, I can't recall why I needed a non-fixed position at the time...that might become obvious when I play with it again.



Let us know and whow us the results! (:

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