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Margin on right side appears for some odd reason


I'm not sure why but there is a huge white space margin on the right side on mobile.

Any idea what's causing this?

Thank you,
Jaime G.


Could you check/renew your read-only link, please? It gives 404 error now.



Hi @JaimeGizzle,
lets start from reduce font size for "CT CTA1 Heading" and "H2Heading Light", on mobile view. If this will not fix issue completely, will try to dig dipper wink



reduced font size.

still working


Please help as this is still happening


I am looking... Sorry for delay. There is something that is hard to catch. But I am still digging smiley


I found! smiley
It is in the section with contact form.


Oh wow this a great reply. the video is awesome!

I guess it was just me not setting it up right. I must have set the padding so that the forms don't stretch to the edge. I should set margins on the fields.

works perfect now.

thank you!


Glad I was able to help smile this small image made me nerves LOL

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