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Markdown & Github for content workflow

We use Github for content creation and approval. This is getting to be a common thing for authors and others. Our workflow is roughly:

  • Create using markdown.
  • Save idea in a branch.
  • Once approved it’s written out and pushed to another branch.
  • Edit*
  • Final Approval.
  • Pushed to live

As best as I can find - from the last step we’d need to manually cut n paste into the Webflow text editor. This seems crazy to me and only possible on very small sites.

Anyone got a better workflow? I’d prefer not to have to use Zapier of some-such for such and obvious step.

That’s the way to go though, Webflow API and Zappier. Pushing content automatically from Github to a CMS website isn’t so obvious :slight_smile: I mean it’s an advanced feature. If it wasn’t to use Zappier, you’d have to use a very similar feature inside of Webflow.

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Thanks for your reply and I hear ya…

I’m trying it now. $*&^ing pain in the neck and I don’t know if it’ll work at all. Spent 30 min so far just trying it and not getting it to work right.

I’m not happy about having to pay for Zap on top of paying for both GH and WF either.

I gotta say - I don’t know of any professional environments where they DON’T use git.

So far this is a major downward (death?) spiral in my WF experience that’s been otherwise very good. Any WF people reading this might be interested. Or not. :slight_smile: