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Maximum Number of Pages Reached

Hi everyone,
I’m a first-time Webflow user and I purchased a magazine template to start my web building.

I’ve just selected one of the pages and amended it with the content I want but now I want to duplicate the page and use it as a template for additional magazine pages.

Each time I try to duplicate the page I get an error message saying I have reached the maximum number of pages for the template?

Can anyone help a desperate newbie on a deadline? :grimacing::pray:t3:

This is probably the result of having 100 pages. That is currently a hard limit with Webflow.

No, I have this problem too right now. The template is brand new and I’ve deleted so many pages there are only about 15 left. Still, I cannot duplicate any pages; it keeps saying “You’ve reached the maximum amount of pages for this site”.

How can I fix this? I need to duplicate pages inside this template for it to be viable.

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@LouisMSP -> Please include your site’s Read-Only Share Link with your question.
A read-only link allows the community to view your project without making any edits to it and help diagnose your issue or provide feedback.

Was this resolved? I’m having the same issue with a template out of the box. Template has 53 pages, I deleted two pages and keep getting the 100-page restriction whenever I try to copy a template page so I can keep a working backup while I try something. Any help is appreciated. Share link below:

Hi. Yes! My page was still on the FREE plan, which only allows 2 pages. So, I had to buy a website license first and that opened up the template.

is there any update on this @WebflowCommunityTeam - Just bought a template and I can’t even create a new page? arghhhh #frustating

@LvnLife are you on a Free account plan?

I’m on the free plan.

I use a free template.

I can’t create a new page.

Hey guys, same problem. Cant see any clear solutions on this thread. I’m on the basic plan. I only have 12 pages and can’t create new ones, even if I delete existing.

Please help : |

hi @jonnystuart1
when I make a new page on your shared link I get this message:

You’ve created all the pages allowed by your free plan. To add more, upgrade your site plan.

Strange, since you mention you are on the Basic plan. I’d send an email to the supportteam: