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Megamenu Tutorial?


Hi Guys,

Wondering if there’s a tutorial or template anywhere for designing megamenus? Am looking to doing something like this:

Thank You!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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That’s exactly what I need to


what you could have is a second menu on the side -


I am looking to create similar styled mega menu. Can anyone share tutorial on how to accomplish this?


Hey @Sacha8,

I built a mega menu for a client last week so this is still fresh in my mind.

You could insert 4 columns inside the ‘dropdown list’ and add a list block in the first column for the menu links as shown on the link you provided.

Otherwise you can add a div block, container, either 4 columns or 4 nested ‘child’ divs with a width of 25% with text links inside. Go to interactions and add either a ‘click’ or ‘hover’ trigger for the main menu link to open the div block which contains the mega menu.



That would be AWESOME! Thank you!


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