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Member ID CMS Collection Filter

Hello all,

I am setting up an online course using Webflow and Memberstack.

I’m hoping to have interactive tables, which members can fill in and refer back to at later stages. Member’s inputted data will be stored in AirTable and relayed back to Webflow CMS via Zapier.

Each member has their own unique Member ID, Webflow Members Collection Item and Dashboard page.

The course itself is its own CMS Collection, with each step of the course having its own collection item.

The problem I’m having is showing the members their unique inputted data, within the course collection. This is easily achievable on their own personal dashboard, filled out with fields from their own CMS Item. BUT I want their information to be displayed within the course itself, which has its own CMS Collection page.

Can I reference a Member’s CMS Item within my Course CMS Collection Page, listing their unique item fields, filtering that collection list based on the member’s unique member ID? Will this require custom code?

All solutions welcome!

Many thanks,

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Hi George,

I have a similar problem. Have you found any solution so far?

I’m afraid not Andreas, am in talks with a developer to find a custom solution.