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Membership based webflow site design


Just Wanted to offer my services to those interested in member based sites that work in webflow. I’ve perfected a combination of third party service and webflow that works great. Ready to take on any projects you can throw my way.


I´m curios in what third party service you use?
Can the site still be hosted on Webflow?
Can you give some hints on what it would cost?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The service is called Yes it works beautifully with webflow hosted sites. Costs for the third party service depend on the amount of member accounts needed. My add on costs depend on the project scope.


Thanks. I maybe have a project for you. But it still need some work before it´s ready. It´s a project I´m doing part time so it´s hard to say when. But good to know you are able to help out =).


Do you have an example of your work using that service?



Yes, you can see the demonstration site at

Go ahead and try the signup process and see that you can view members-only content once logged in. Also a member directory and event calendar are only viewable by members.

How to add user/membership login to a webflow site

Really interesting.

How much can you do of the event making in webflow? Or do the client have to go to membershipsworks to make events?

I guess they have to go there anyway to check on members and stuff.


@Krubens, You are correct. The events are created within membershipworks. They don't have a public API yet.


Thanks for sharing, site looks great! Couple of curiousity questions for ya:

  1. Are you using for your buy button and e-commerce workflow?
  2. I see the site is using emberjs. Was that included as part of a 3rd party library, or did you roll your own emberjs app?
  3. I see you are using Webflow content types for your shop items. Are these not linked to membershipworks events?


@pixelcactus - have you, in your experience integrating Webflow and Membership works, found a way to use two membership works snippets on the same page? For example, we have a member directory page that we want to be only accessible once you have signed in but membership works wont allow me to place a snippet for sign-in and a snippet for the member directory on the same page. Do you have any ideas or workaround for this issue or is it simply that a members only page needs to be placed within a sub-navigation that is only visible once you have signed into a site - like you have on your sample site?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, I’ve worked with Membership works and I think your only work around is to have a clear call to action button to “sign in” on all pages such as navigation. You can’t have more than one snippet on a page. I hope that helps.