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Membership site workaround?


Is there a way to make a membership site? Like making a daily/monthly/annual access to content or options for users?
I’ve used firebase and firebaseUI for web to make users in the site.
I know webflow dosent have that option built in but what’s the work around?


Hi @Yofiel_Levi

@jasondark and @daley.maasz are working on something right now:

Also @mistercreate is looking at integrating Knack:

In terms of handling payments for subscriptions - @foxy and @paywithplasso are active here on the forums to answer queries on that side of things…

Hope that helps…


Yes I already have a user auth through firebase, how do I handle subscriptions in terms of payment and making sure that whoever isnt on one dosent have access to things that are premium only?


Hey @Yofiel_Levi,

With Plasso, you have a few options.

  1. You can use Plasso embeds to handle the subscription payment and use our Webhooks to verify a current user in your database to verify if that user is a Premium Member or not. You would just have to design/describe it to where the user uses the same email to login as they do to make the purchase…

  2. You can replace Firebase with Flexkit. With some custom JS and help from @aaronocampo, you can use us to store all data for you. This would allow you to design your own payment/sign-up/log-in forms and authenticate members through our token and event types. You can also design your own member dashboard and enable your subscribers to make changes to their subscription, change their name, email and password, update their card info.

  3. You can use a combination of both Flexkit and our Prebuilt Embeds like we did here :point_down:. If you sign up for the Flexkit “Hire-a-Designer” plan (it’s on Test Mode by the way so use any Card Number you like), you’ll see that you’re forwarded to a splash page/members page. From here, you can click on the Member icon in the Nav Bar and the prebuilt embedded Cart slides out with your info displayed. Take note of the token in the URL :slightly_smiling_face:.

**We didn’t use JS on that splash page to hide/show content based on the presence of the token. If interested, you can reach out to @aaronocampo in the forum and he can showcase his projects.

Let us know if you need help or have questions!

PS: You can take a peek at the Flexkit integration on our Cloneable template here.


Too awesome! Thanks for the mention, Stu! Definitely appreciate it! :bowing_man:

I’m super geeked to share the course that I’ve been working on. I’m going to put a release date on it soon and share it.

Would it be okay if I reached out to you to test out the material when it’s ready?


Absolutely @mistercreate - happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: