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Menu appear on scroll


Dear Webflow Team!

Please help me on how to make the navbar to appear on scroll!

I tried it hard but still cannot make it work.

Could you make a detailed step by step explatation on my very projekt?

I want the upper scroll bar which has only 3 menus to show up on scroll and doesnt shown up untill I scroll the the first section.

Thanks for your help and support in advance.

Best wishes Peter from Hungary


Hello @Peter_Gyollai!

Could you tell more details, what you can't figure out?

Main information about scroll-trigger interaction you can find here >>>
And here is video tutorial about fade in navbar

Hope it will help


Yes I undertand everything in the video.
And I follow the steps and it doesnt work somehow.

Could you try it ony my very site Im sending the link of it?


Hi @Peter_Gyollai

Can you double check your read-only link? I'm getting a 404 error when trying to access it.

thanks smile


Ooops here it is:

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