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Message "Template not found" while trying to purchase template


Just wondering if anyone else is having issues purchasing a template through their Webflow account. I have contacted support but have an urgent project to complete this weekend.

I have tried a few different ways, and either get "template not found" or after putting in my credit card info then get "Resource not available" (something like that).

I have also tried purchasing different templates from different authors just in case, but still no go.

Any suggestions?


Hi @pxljoy, thanks for the report, which template are you trying to purchase?



Have tried a few but this is the one I need now


Hi @pxljoy, thanks, that is strange behavior for sure. As soon as there is an update or fix, I will post an update.

Thanks in advance.



Same issue here. I tried purchasing the "Twisted One-Page Template" which gave me the same project/resource unavailable error. I then tried to purchase other templates, and it wouldn't work either. Any updates on a potential fix?


Hi @pxljoy and @Romin_Mirmotahari, thanks for hanging in there, the issue should now be resolved.

Let me know in case any further issues, I am here to help.

Thanks in advance.


Awesome, thanks so much for great support & help.


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