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Micro Plan Upgrade to Pro Plan


Hello Webflow Community,

I have been using webflow for a while now and have been debating for a long time if I should get a webflow yearly plan and go all in. Therefore was wondering if I purchase a micro plan $14/year right now... but within that year I want to upgrade to the pro plan $16/year ... how would the pricing work?

Also if I wanted to downgrade the account would I be able to get money refunded or credit?




Hi @DesignerDiana smiley That is a good question.

Webflow prorates plan changes based on your existing balance, credits, and how many days you have left in your billing cycle.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

Hope this helps


Hi @PixelGeek, smile

Thanks for the reply.

Just to confirm, the yearly plans work the same way right?


Diana smiley


Yup! smiley and if the billing is incorrect, just email and we'll fix it wink


Webflow staff members are the best of all the online services I have used so far!!!

Keep up the good work!!

Webflow future is bright with talents and staff such as yourself!! smiley

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