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Mimic the lightbox from this website:


Hi, are there any tutorials on how to create the lightbox from this site:


Hello @nathanphilsteele!

Here is good tutorial how to create custom lightbox

You can just put inside slider widget instead of just image.
Hope it helps blush


Hi @sabanna, and thanks for answering my question. I'll see what I can do this evening. I guess I was hoping for some way to insert one widget where one could remove, add, replace, and adjust certain elements that could be applied to multiple pictures. I have 9 portfolio pieces I want to show, and it looks like I'm going to have to create 1 initially hidden div for each. It just doesn't seems like there has got to be a more optimal/efficient/easier way to achieve what I see at . Thoughts?




Here how I would do that by using principe of custom lightbox

Only 1 big initially hidden div, which has big z-index.
There is few sliders inside (all initially hidden too).
Every Thumbnail click call for interaction: Open big div + open associated slider"
Sure inside big div should be close button with interaction: close slider + close associated div)

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