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Minifying on webflow


Is Webflow using gzip or deflate for minifying? And is it just on webflow servers available, if?


Not shure if I understand your question correctly, but are you asking about if the code that webflow produces is minified/comprosied using a compressor? Because if so, no. At least when I look at the source HTML code and the css in produced webflow sites, it doesn't looks minified to me? smiley But of course if you want minified code, then you can just download your website code, and then minify it... and then upload to your serve smile

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Thank you for your fast answer! I was wondering if I keep it on webflow servers if it will be minifed automatically or if there is an option to do so on webflow servers.


I'm pretty shure there ins't. smiley But why would you need it for, anyway? blush


It would be great to have the ability to minify through Webflows servers. Their hosting is so easy right now, we don't need to export and upload to our own server.