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Missing form header



I noticed that one of my 3 forms is missing the header part with names of the input fields (red rectangle).

Is it because the third form is too long?


Please provide a website link and troubleshooting link. @danro could you take a look at this one too?


Here is the troubleshooting link:
and website address:
The long form you can find in modal window by pressing BOOK NOW button.

Quick question:

I am trying to add Custom Attribute to form field f.ex. maxlength but when I type 'maxlength' under Custom Attribute name field it show 'This is a reserved name.' What am I doing wrong?


Btw. This image: 5335f1fea2fd9de418000007_beeee9000.png (main on the page)

Is 2.9MB. You should resize it down and compress to max 200-250KB.

Form is done correct. This is a Webflow system issue. @danro, @kkilat @brryant take a look please and provide us with details about long forms. Thanks!

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Just fixed a bug where duplicate form header titles would break the rendering of your data. Should be all fixed now @aitugans!


Everything works perfect!

Amazing job guys, impressed with speed of your work!

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