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Mix various CMS data inside of an inline text block


I’m trying to recreate the format seen in my client’s brochure, but have run into a problem.

I need to replace the highlighted purple text with info from the CMS, but as far as I can tell, CMS data can only be written to dedicated text objects or div blocks. Columns are too unwieldy for text of varying length like this, so I’m pretty lost as to what I can try next. Is it possible to put CMS data inside another paragraph object? Thanks for your help!

Here’s my read-only link, with my attempt on the “experimentation” page:


Use a text element and the right properties for display and you can pile up bits of dynamic text that look like a paragraph.


That’s perfect! Thank you so much!


Cool :slight_smile: happy it helped. This is an area where Webflow shines. The UI makes it particularly easy to style and fine tune such mixed data elements. It’s also one of my favorite things to do with CMS, your example is perfect. In the end, you’ll have something well integrated, that looks like the real life thing, but that’s way more complicated than it looks. A bit of magic.