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Mobile nav is cut off


Hi guys,

I’ve got a problem on this page:

The toggle nav bar of tablet and smartphone media query don’t work correctly. I tried to set the width of the nav-links to auto and also put a px number but in both versions half of the links are cut off.

Can anybody please help me fixing that? smile

Best regards,


Hey @Hause Just change the width of the list container to auto or to a fixed pixel width smile that should do it. Let me know if you need any help.



Dear Waldo_Broodryk,

thank you, but it still does not work frowning
I tried it with auto and fixed px width. I wonder why it's shown correctly in the webflow panel but not on the uploaded page:

Best regards,


Very odd. Can you send a preview link so I can take a look at it please?

Here's how to do that:


Thank you, here's the preview link:


I just found out that the width of the list-container-navbar is limited by the menu-button field (where I placed the three lines and MENU) . How is that possible? These two things shouldn't have to do something together concerning width, should they?


Does anybody have an idea how to fix that? frowning


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