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Mobile navigation being clipped, won't scroll down



Can anybody see what’s going wrong here with the mobile navigation?

On the mobile nav, for the longer sub navigation drop-down items that appear below the device screen (select Commercial ), the screen browser is cropping the content = the nav has no scrolling ability. I can’t see what’s causing this problem, everything has height auto and minimum height, so I would expect the menu wrapper to lengthen accordingly, but it’s not.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Appreciate any attention on this.


Select the nav menu and change the overflow to auto instead of visible. This will create scrollbars automatically.


Thanks for your reply. it was helpful for me


Hi there, Thanks for your attention to this!
I tried what you suggested but it still isn’t working in a live setting (it does appear to work in Webflow itself though!?) The screen is still cropping the mobile menu that appears below the screen.

The first image below shows the updated settings on the main nav wrapping div.

Have also applied the Overflow:Auto setting to the drop-down element (after testing the above to see if it worked, but didn’t).


Yeah, this is a known issue with dropdowns. I’ve always made my menus manually with interactions and divs for this purpose but it is a lot of work. Try searching the forums to see if you can find any solutions. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.