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Mobile scroll not working

Hi, when I publish my site it will not scroll on mobile, I don’t have overflow hidden on any layer. The page scrolls only on preview but still doesn’t scroll on mobile when I put the body on the scrollbar but I understand that this is not normal to have to do this. Can someone offer me any advice?

Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Clear all the changes you made to the body position and set its overflow:visible

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Thanks for your advice, i’ve done this and it doesn’t work. When I set the overflow to Auto the page scrolls on webflows preview, but when I publish the site it won’t scroll
To try on your phone the link is:
The preview link is:

Try removing all position styles from your body.

Hi Thank you,
How do you do this, it says the bodies position cant be edited?

alt+click on the position title (which is blue)

It worked! Thank you so much !!

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