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Modal on load after 5 seconds


I see your tutorial on modal pop ups. I am trying to get the pop up to automatically pop up after about 5 seconds after page load. The way you show it, it is tethered to a button. I get most of webflow but i am working on these interactions…lol a little tougher for some reason for me.
I am kinda stuck so your help is much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:



Just set the animation delay to 5 seconds…


I don’t see how where to do this exactly.


I set the timed model and it works when I hit preview(when I hit the play button in the interactions panel) however when I publish…does not work. Can you see what I am doing wrong…Thanks ahead of time


You have a legacy interaction modal1 that sets display to none. Delete that legacy interaction.


Sweet Thanks it works. However my close button does not on the actual modal. Why do u think?


is there a way to stop the modal pop up from happening every time we go back to the home page on that session.


Yes, but only with custom code using cookies.