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Modkit for Webflow - Free Chrome Extension

While some of you will be repulsed by this :sweat_smile:, personally I’ve always wished the breadcrumb bar was at the top of the Designer instead of the bottom.

So I decided to build a Chrome Extension that does just that, moves the breadcrumb bar to the top.

It’s totally free and you can toggle the option on/off, here’s the install link if you’re curious:

I would love to eventually add other little designer tweaks to this extension, so let me know if you have any ideas!

Chris Spags

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Wow. that’s so much fun and helpful!

Thank you very much!

I wonder if it is possible to sort classes in Style Manager from A-Z by chrome extension~

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Great idea! Would A-Z sort or a text search be more useful?

Both have different challenges, but I think I should be able to make at least one of those happen!


Can’t wait to use it !

I think either way is fine and can get the problem solved!

It is now super difficult to find a class when a site become bigger and has hundreds of classes, and Ctrl+F never works~